So I knew Minecraft and watched videos and etc. just like a kid, and played with demo a lot. I am finally about to buy the game so I am looking up for which edition I should buy, 2 hours of search but really couldn’t find anything. So my main focus is with mods, and Read more

So my Minecraft survival map was lost. I didn’t do anything special and my computer was completely fine. At least the last time I played it’s completely fine. But when I woke up this morning and I saw my map was gone, in the game. Then I went to check my file and my back Read more

Hello fellow Minecrafters, I am wondering if anybody here has the End Portal and Ender Dragon available to kill as it’s all I need for the Platinum now. I am having the WORST time with RNG trying to find Endermen and dropping Ender Pearls. When I eventually find one, they always despawn (Or teleport miles Read more

Hey everyone, I haven’t played this game since the release of Minecraft 1.8, many years ago, so I’m kinda far apart on how things are working. I got quite the amount of questions, so let’s start! -Has modding become easier in any way in past few years? -Is it possible to install a modpack manually? Read more

I’ve tried to get back into Minecraft on my Switch recently, but the game is honestly unplayable. The menus are super laggy and slow to respond, and the game will frequently freeze, but game play will go on in the background. What I mean is the world and everything in it is moving and acting, Read more

I’ve played Java Minecraft for awhile but I’ve just started messing with Mods and Optifine website doesn’t have a download for 1.14. I was thinking about using Minecraft 1.13 version on 1.14 client but that didn’t work as it messed up my client, it didn’t even load and kept crashing. Is there any other way? Read more

In short? Yes. With latest updates (specifically Minecraft 1.14) they’ve managed to fix this. Meaning there’s no point in trying to escape fire with reload commands or even by restarting server. However in old versions of Minecraft this would still work, so in some cases you could simply /reload the server and poof the fire Read more

What do you think of this? Popular channels have disappeared, Minecraft’s disappeared from the top page of YouTube and big servers are shutting down. But, on the other hand, Hypixel is thriving and YouTubers like Skeppy are growing an audience. It seems that the player base is dwindling, but videos and the audience for the Read more

Simple question, I hope. Does anyone know what will happen to all the librarians I have? For example, I have them in boats with with trades I like (like mending). With the new update, do we know if their trades will disappear? Do they have a special profession block, like a book case? Villagers retain Read more

I’ve been playing on a Minecraft world quite a bit, Whenever I mine out a bit of terrain, leave the world, and go back in the progress I just made is undone. For example. Or whenever I plant a bunch of crops and leave, a lot of them are not there when I return. Any Read more