Modding Minecraft and Minecraft Server Hosting


Modding Minecraft and Minecraft Server Hosting

Hey everyone, I haven't played this game since the release of Minecraft 1.8, many years ago, so I'm kinda far apart on how things are working. I got quite the amount of questions, so let's start!

-Has modding become easier in any way in past few years?

-Is it possible to install a modpack manually?

-Can two people have the ability to host the same server from different PCs? (Non-Dedicated Minecraft)

-Has modding a Minecraft server become easier?

-Is there a way to find all the conflicts between manually installed mods and more easily resolve them?

-Is IndustrialCraft and Aether still up to date? Or is it 1.8?

– What are suggested Minecraft Mod Packs that have a little bit of everything, preferably with Aether, IndustrialCraft, most of the “Mo” mods (MoCreatures for example) and TropicalCraft)

Thanks for any answer you could give, I really appreciate it!