Minecraft on Switch is barley playable!


Minecraft on Switch is barley playable!

I've tried to get back into Minecraft on my Switch recently, but the game is honestly unplayable. The menus are super laggy and slow to respond, and the game will frequently freeze, but game play will go on in the background.

What I mean is the world and everything in it is moving and acting, but my screen and character are frozen and can't do anything. This leads to animals moving places and many, many unfair and preventable deaths.

When playing multiplayer server with two friends, I'll have this happen as well as a version of it where I can move with everything else, but the world is visually frozen. My friends have testified to having these issues as well. Ever since the new update, these issues have gotten even worse.

I don't know if there's a way to fix this, or if it's Microsoft's fault, or if it's happening on other consoles, but whatever the case is, I just want to be able to play the damn game.