Best Minecraft game mode ?


Best Minecraft game mode ?

Minecraft is a pretty old game, there's no two ways about it, however with all these years under it's belt you can be damn sure that people found out different ways to play their favorite sandbox game. Minecraft attracted all kinds of players since people found out about it and it's spawned one of the greatest gaming franchises out there. Especially with all the popularity it's getting on Youtube over the years people have been flocking to it for almost a decade. There are some more and some less popular game modes floating around out there and people are still finding out new ways to play the game even today.

Minecraft skyblock servers

Skyblock is probably one of the oldest and yet still very popular game mode. It basically consists of players being divided and secluded on their own “island” in the sky where they have to squeeze out everything they can from the resourced provided by the island to outlast their enemies. Most of this is achieved by using the game knowledge and mechanics to first build a cobblestone generator, which basically sets you up with usable blocks, then you use the dirt blocks and the sapling to get yourself enough wood for your needs. Then it depends on whether you can hurt other players or if there's a different goal. Usually people just build a path to other islands and push their enemies to their death, making them the last player standing.

Anarchy servers

Anarchy is a game mode that has the longest tradition, since it's basically the way the Minecraft was played before it blew up. There are no rules and no way to win. You just play with your own goal in mind and there's nothing preventing other players from messing with you. However that's a double edged sword right there, since rules also don't make you play buddy buddy with other players. Usually these servers devolve into players letting off steam by blowing up or mining through other peoples stuff and there's surely a place for in these times.

Minecraft prison servers

Minecraft prison wasn't really on my radar until a bit ago when I first tried it. Then I found out about it and couldn't stop playing it. it basically solves the main issue I have with vanilla Minecraft. There's no end goal, yeah you can argue that the ender dragon is basically the boss of the game or that killing wither is what the game is all about, but in the end I couldn't really think about these things as an end goal. Minecraft prison makes you dig ore to sell, so you can rank up and advance into higher realms where you can dig in realms where there are less people are expensive ores are more bountiful. A really innovative way of playing the game.

I'm sure there are many other game modes that I haven't mentioned in this post. Just looking at a Minecraft server list is all you need to do to find out just how many game modes are out there. If you'd like me to talk about your favorite game mode, why don't you comment on this post and the next one just might include your favorite game mode.