Pocket Edition Update

It was recently announced that the pocket edition of Minecraft was in a developmental crossroads. The development team thought that the community wanted more blocks and things to create with. But according to feedback that was gathered after an alpha version of the game was released told the developers that they wanted something different. The problems the players had with the game was the lack of content – and other limitations that come to porting Minecraft to a phone device. The PC version of Minecraft is simply always going to be better than the mobile version.

This being said, the game is still going to be made, it it might prove to be better than a lot of the games in the phone market. The original version of the game was geared towards being like Creative mode. But after feedback was received, a massive update to be released on Feb 8th was announced. This update will include a lot of new content – including but not limited to: survival aspects of gameplay some new blocks and “some neat looking animals”. Crafting will not be included. The GUI is being redesigned at the moment. As for now, we can all continue to play a vastly superior game, and forget why we were ever interested in anything else.