Persson of the Year

Markus Persson (Notch) has been named gaming ‘person of the year’ by IGN. Or should we say ‘persson of the year’? Anyway, Notch won in a vote of the people between thirty individuals picked by IGN. Notch beat some pretty tough opposition, but it was never really a question who would win.

While the 29 people named in the list made some cool contributions to the gaming world, Notch has revolutionized the gaming industry. Not only did Notch make one of the greatest games ever made, he also championed a new pricing model for independent gaming development by selling the alpha version of the game and giving anyone who bought it all future updates.

Notch has a way of connecting with his fans. There is seemingly full transparency between his followers and his development of Minecraft. This is also an element of success within the game, because it grows a community which grows a following. Minecraft is a testament that a game does not have to be mindless, that one can play a game and learn and create all at the same time. Notch has been winning awards like no other, it will be hard to beat ‘person of the year’.