Minecraft is a pretty old game, there’s no two ways about it, however with all these years under it’s belt you can be damn sure that people found out different ways to play their favorite sandbox game. Minecraft attracted all kinds of players since people found out about it and it’s spawned one of the Read more

Minecraft has a lot of different diverging ways of playing the game. Some people enjoy playing the game the way Mojang intended it, digging deep down to find the riches earth has to offer and possibly hit lava and die, others prefer to play with others in different challenges like the skyblock challenge or in Read more

Alright, for now we are going to talk about a recent news posting about how popular Minecraft has become. Now, for most of you, this is probably a subject that is getting kind of tiring. It is true, we get it, we are sick of hearing about it. But this is what happens when there Read more

It was recently announced that the pocket edition of Minecraft was in a developmental crossroads. The development team thought that the community wanted more blocks and things to create with. But according to feedback that was gathered after an alpha version of the game was released told the developers that they wanted something different. The Read more

Do you have an extra special Minecraft structure that you love so much you wish you could pet it in real life? Well, now you can (if you have a 3D printer)! Mineways is a Minecraft program that allows you to use a 3D printer to make your creations a reality. Here is how it Read more

Markus Persson (Notch) has been named gaming ‘person of the year’ by IGN. Or should we say ‘persson of the year’? Anyway, Notch won in a vote of the people between thirty individuals picked by IGN. Notch beat some pretty tough opposition, but it was never really a question who would win. While the 29 Read more

Notch just completed the Ludum Dare challenge for the sixth time. Ludum Dare is a three times yearly competition for game developers where a theme is announced, and the contestants are given 48 hours to draft, design and program a video game. People who have submitted video games then vote on other games. Winners are Read more

Games like Minecraft always you should get all the necessary things in life. I mean to say the game is sufficient to provide all the basic entertainment for the experience. This is always wanted by many persons of the world to work again in the offices or study in the school and colleges with a Read more

am playing on the switch and i am trying to drain an ocean monument with the /fill command. I tried to clear an entire square, but it told me that there are too many blocks to fill (300000) so i decided to do them in sections. I did /fill ~760 ~66 ~136 ~664 ~30 ~42 Read more